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CleanCut Products by StepInBaths Provide Affordable Bath Safety Options During COVID-19

Helping seniors and individuals with accessibility challenges stay in their homes and bathe safely during the pandemic. With the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, seniors and individuals with mobility issues are being forced to evaluate current and future living arrangements. Those considering assisted living or nursing care may be re-evaluating options and hoping to “age in place” and stay in their home longer. “We are not handicapped yet, but COVID-19 made my husband & I look at living at home for as long as possible, rather than heading to a nursing home or rehab, where we might get separated. I researched converting our tub to a shower. The CleanCut solution was so much more affordable. It took only a few hours to install and it works well.” – CleanCut Customer Review (June 2020) Unfortunately, many homes are not designed to ensure safety and accessibility. A common safety hazard is falls that occur in the bathroom due to the high step that is typically required to step in and out of the bathtub. Bathroom renovations often require the removal of the existing bathtub and result in an expensive and lengthy project. CleanCut, a manufacturer of home safety products, is pleased to provide a specialised line of bathtub inserts installed on the existing bathtub to provide easier bath accessibility installed for a fraction of the cost compared to projects that require tearing-out the existing bathtub. Installation includes cutting and removing a section of the existing sidewall of the bath

and fitting the resulting opening with the CleanCut product. Tens of thousands of products have been installed across the US and Canada by both a national network of professional installers and “Do It Yourself” customers. The installation process is normally completed in just two to four hours, making social distancing practices easier to follow. The fastest growing option for installation during the pandemic has been the CleanCut Convertible® model. Shown below. The Convertible® is designed to convert the existing tub into a step-in shower, but with the added benefit of being able to still utilize the tub for a full bath with the use of a removable center insert. This product option is ideal for multi-generation homes and to maintain the future resale value of the home. About CleanCut and StepInBaths CleanCut is the manufacturer and distributor of affordable bathtub accessibility products offering DIY kits or nationwide installation in the United States.  StepInBaths are the exclusive U.K. and European Distributors

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