'One Convertible Two Options' Money Saving Technology for Local Authorities & Sheltered Hs Assoc

Local Authorities and Housing Association have a duty of care, which in the past meant that Walk-In Baths could not be used as there is a possibility the user could drowning due to door access, this meant only Walk-In showers could be used at great expense. That was then this is NOW StepInBaths in partnership with CleanCut are proud to introduce to Health Professional 'The Convertible' for users who require a Walk-In facility with the unique feature of offsite Water Dam storage 'The Convertible' has been designed without the offending DOOR, instead our patented design uses a removable patented 'Water Dam' that can be stored away from the property to be used at a later date when circumstances change at the property, saving TIME, BUDGETS & UPHEAVAL in refurbishment costs

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