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As well as providing Existing Bath to Walk-in Shower conversion Kits by the Leading North American manufacturer CleanCutBath. We also supply TRACK!

When our children are growing and starting to find their feet, we as parents need the peace of mind knowing they are safe. Smartphones are able to do this, but it is the first item that would be destroyed, in the unthinkable happened. TRACK! is discreet and can be concealed. TRACK! allows you to see your loved ones location in real time on your Smartphone, TRACK! can also send an SOS alert should anything be amiss.

When we grow older it's our children who take care of us. A role reversal. Both generations have a need to know the whereabouts of the people we care for, in today's dangerous world for various important reason, sometime involving life and death situations.

This is the reason why we also offer Personal Safety products such as the TRACK! a Personal Tracking device, it can locate your loved ones anywhere in the World, The TRACK! includes an SOS panic button for sending an alert to your chosen contact. TRACK! can also be attached to Pets, the SOS function is invaluable for your Pet (when found, enabling them to message you in an instant) and Vehicles. Please follow the links below


  • Locate your children, pets, or elderly at any given time

  • Track your vehicles, motorcycles & valuables

  • Follow up and trace lost luggage from unlimited distance

  • Alerts: SOS, speed, moving, fence crossing

  • 2-6 days Free shipping + Phone & chat support

  • 30 Days money-back guarantee

TRACK! Waterproof Magnetic Case

84% of the customers that purchased our GPS Tracker also buys this amazing Tracki waterproof magnetic case. It comes with a 3500mAh battery extender, which gives you 6 times more battery life. The magnet is strong enough to attach to any vehicle, farm animal belts, cargo, engines, expensive construction equipment, etc.

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