Growing (Old) Pains

MOBILITY ISSUES AS TIME PASSES: No Mess - No Fuss - No Upheavel - 4hrs to install

As we grow older many of us find it harder to get in and out of the Bath, also to get down and sit in the Bath it's a HUGE effort, not to mention stand up and getting out of the Bath again.

Recognising the dangers of falling over on the hard surfaces with potentially life-threatening consequence’s CleanCut have developed the STEP conversion kit, SIB Safe are the U.K. and EU partners of CleanCut USA. CleanCut have supplied over 100,000 units in North America

Our kits can be fitted by any, Plumber or Bathroom fitters, all components are included with installation including video installation instructions on a memory drive.

Purchase today online the cost of The STEP kit delivered is £375.00p for Mainland U.K.

Please visit our website at

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