Why convert your bath?

Our bath conversions involve cutting and removing a section of the existing bath and custom fitting a CleanCut™ product to allow for easier and safer accessibility. This process costs a fraction of the price of a complete bathroom renovation and with installation usually taking only around 4 hours, you will also not suffer the inconvenience or mess associated with a full bathroom refit, which commonly takes a week or so to undertake.

Does this work for any type of Bath?

Yes, CleanCut™ products can be installed on any type of Bath – acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, steel and even cast iron.

What is the product made of?

All CleanCut™ inserts are made of composite polyethylene plastic – an extremely durable, hard plastic.

What if I or other members of the family still want to have a bath?

For a combined “step in” or “full bath” experience, we recommend the CleanCut™ Convertible option. This versatile product has a removable center plug that can be simply fitted or removed in moments. The Convertible allows you the freedom to decide whether to step in and shower or to enjoy a full bath and maintains the value of retaining a bath in the house. The Convertible is the perfect solution for multi-generation homes and caters for your families’ future changing needs.

My bath is fitted with sliding shower doors. Can I still get a CleanCut™ product installed?

Yes – the sliding doors will have to be removed prior to installation but cannot be refitted afterwards. In this instance we recommend purchasing a new shower screen or curtain to complete your new bath conversion.

My bath has jets. Can I still get a CleanCut™ product installed?

We do not recommend it as water pipes for the jets will almost certainly be contained inside the walls of the bath and could be damaged during installation.