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Customers Reviews 

Walk in Showers


Super easy to install Super easy to sell, alot of my clients choose this option over a full remodel to accommodate their ada needs. Thank you for this product! Super fast...

Anthony N. 

CleanCut Step



Product performed as advertised. Instructions were detailed and the videos were very helpful. Would highly recommend.



My second install. Went very well.great quality

Richard H. 

CleanCut  Step



Our orders are always shipped exceptionally fast. Orders are received undamaged without missing pieces. The overall process is easy and user friendly. Couldn’t be happier!

Corrina B. 

CleanCut Step



Great deal!

Simple solution to some support getting in and out of the tub. Very easy to install and stays secure with repeated use.



very Professional easy to work with

Andre F. 



Hi… my son just installed the Clean Cut unit in my bath. It is great. Much better than spending £5000 for a walk in shower. Our house is only 8 months old 

Harry W. 

CleanCut Step



Amazing product. It's the answer to anyone with mobility concerns, along with a fixed income. Takes away the fear of stepping over the side of a bath. Easy installation.

Robert R. 

CleanCut Step



This is really an awesome, item to help make a bath more elderly friendly. We put this in for older parents who could no longer get in and out of their bath easily. 

Pamela M. 

CleanCut Step



I ordered the clean cut convertible on Sunday and it was delivered early Wednesday afternoon. I had watch the installation videos online several times before I started the installation

Gordon B. 

Neal M. 

CleanCut Step 



So far so good! My nephew said it was easy to install. Looks great and will be wonderful for my husband when he gets out of the hospital! Praying no leaks down the road.

Connie M. 

CleanCut Step


Excellent product. I have been a Senior Mechanic at a school for 38 years and I have to admit, that's some awesome adhesive. 

thomas b. 

CleanCut Step 



Love it

Ja’Niyah S.

CleanCut Step


This is a great product. Installed easy just like the video showed. I highly recommend this kit.

David M. 

CleanCut Step



Order was received promptly. Product hasn't been installed but previous order was installed went perfectly.

Michael B. 

CleanCut Step 



This worked great installed in just about 3 hours looks good. My wife has foot problems and this is much easier for her. Would recommend this to anyone.

Raymond R. 

CleanCut Step 



Installed as a safety feature for my 99-year old mother! Installation was easy and end result looks clean and just what we wanted!

Charla V. 


CleanCut Step


Great product! Involved installation but directions are very well done. Directions should be printed on the cut out pattern explaining how to lay half of the cardboard on the top

Michael R. 


CleanCut Step


Thank you for the clear instructions provided. It paid off to watch the process on YouTube. A few hiccups along the way due to not having all of the tools needed at hand. Love it

Gumesindo M. 

CleanCut Step 



Good Product that doesn't break the bank. Installation is made easy to do. Use these for all my bathing needs. Would recommend.

Jerry S. 

CleanCut Step



The concept was great. I only returned it because once received, I saw that the access area in my bathroom was too small.

Angela K. 

CleanCut Step 



Excellent product! As advertised. Installed it along with my brother in about three hours. My Mum loves it and says it makes it much easier to access the bath.

John D. 

CleanCut Step 

I’m very pleased to have this safer method of getting in and out of my bathtub. Having this cut out will hopefully allow me to stay in my home much longer.           Joyce


This has given us a better quality of life. Adding this in our bathroom, along with hand rails, has added shower safety and confidence to our life. Love it! Debbie


Very cost effective way to convert a bathtub into a walk in shower!! Easy to step in and out of. Much safer than trying to step over.  Becky


Great product and what a fantastic concept! What a life changer for seniors and people with disability. John


This product is absolutely wonderful. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It was a fantastic solution for my mother and will allow her many years of independence. She absolutely LOVES it! I highly recommend if you are looking for a tub conversion solution that doesn’t break the bank.           Kelly


This product has allowed my husband to bathe himself with no help from me. We both are happy with his independence. Before this he was always afraid to get out of the tub. What a good idea!       Sue


This has changed my life. That is not an exaggeration. I have been wheelchair bound for more than 2 years and was unable to get in and out of my tub to shower without help and having to transfer from my chair to a kitchen chair to the shower chair and visa versa. This has allowed me to have access to my shower and made transferring a breeze cutting out the need to have help and extra furniture. Thank you for giving me back more of my independence.   Rebecca


I purchased the Convertible model. It is perfect for my 85 year old mother to step into the tub/shower and I like that I can put the piece in to bathe my dogs. The walk in tubs were too expensive and CleanCut was the perfect solution. Perfect solution for my home.   Carol

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