Customers Reviews 

  • I’m very pleased to have this safer method of getting in and out of my bathtub. Having this cut out will hopefully allow me to stay in my home much longer.           Joyce


  • This has given us a better quality of life. Adding this in our bathroom, along with hand rails, has added shower safety and confidence to our life. Love it! Debbie


  • Very cost effective way to convert a bathtub into a walk in shower!! Easy to step in and out of. Much safer than trying to step over.  Becky


  • Great product and what a fantastic concept! What a life changer for seniors and people with disability. John


  • This product is absolutely wonderful. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It was a fantastic solution for my mother and will allow her many years of independence. She absolutely LOVES it! I highly recommend if you are looking for a tub conversion solution that doesn’t break the bank.           Kelly


  • This product has allowed my husband to bathe himself with no help from me. We both are happy with his independence. Before this he was always afraid to get out of the tub. What a good idea!       Sue


  • This has changed my life. That is not an exaggeration. I have been wheelchair bound for more than 2 years and was unable to get in and out of my tub to shower without help and having to transfer from my chair to a kitchen chair to the shower chair and visa versa. This has allowed me to have access to my shower and made transferring a breeze cutting out the need to have help and extra furniture. Thank you for giving me back more of my independence.   Rebecca


  • I purchased the Convertible model. It is perfect for my 85 year old mother to step into the tub/shower and I like that I can put the piece in to bathe my dogs. The walk in tubs were too expensive and CleanCut was the perfect solution. Perfect solution for my home.   Carol