CleanCut History 

Photo: Chris Stafford, son of Don and the  grandchildren


CleanCutBath LLC, 20 years of providing Bath convertion Kits allowing your existing Bath to be converted into a Walk-in Shower in less than 4 hours,  over 200,000 Units sucessfully installed in the USA, now available in the U.K. 

Originally called Safeway Safety Step, LLC, CleanCut was founded by Don Stafford. As a 37-year retired veteran of the City of Cincinnati Fire Department, Don had identified first-hand the need for easier access to enter and exit the bath.


Don had a vision to create simple access to existing baths without having to remove the bath and perform a costly bathroom refit. Don applied for and was successfully awarded a U.S. Global Patent for his innovative process and product. And invented our Walk-in Shower


Today, CleanCut is second-generation family business that continues to develop innovative accessibility products. Our products have been installed for homeowners, assisted living and senior living residences, state and local social programs and hospitality properties throughout the United States and Canada.


It is our profound wish that as many people as possible can benefit from Don’s inspiration. Resultantly, we are excited to expand our operations into the United Kingdom and Europe and have appointed UK firm StepInBaths to help in bringing Don’s vision to this potentially vast new audience.


Our family is proud of the life-changing products we continue to innovate and sell. We are committed to carrying on the legacy that our father, Don Stafford began in 2001. We are a family company that is committed to improving lives through Bathing Product innovations that are both safe and convenient to use. We thank the tens of thousands of customers who continue their support of our products and our family!

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